Fun | Dynamic | Inclusive

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million-pound idea over a couple beers with friends. That’s not us. You even hear those feel-good stories about college roommates or best friends who started a company together.  That’s not us either.

We came together because we believed what we could do with Strong Roots Training would represent a shift in how people perceive training.  You see, training is not just a day out of work sitting in a room bored, being talked at by a person in a polo shirt... It is about getting involved, feeling part of the day and giving as much as you can.

Here at Strong Roots Training we pride ourselves in fun, dynamic, inclusive and professional training.  We are a UK based company offering courses from first aid to navigation skills. All of our trainers are well versed in their skills and come from a variety of backgrounds from teaching to outdoor management.

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