Anthea 2
My background is Aviation. I joined the Strong Roots team after the collapse of Monarch Airlines. For 18 years I was lucky enough to travel the world as Cabin crew. I didn’t have the luxury of calling 999 and speaking to the call handlers, I had to deal with many first aid and safety situations in a different environment onboard an aircraft. From fainting to heart attacks.
With 12 years senior Cabin crew experience I was able to pass on my knowledge as a Trainer and On-board Coach, teaching brand new Cabin crew Safety Emergency Procedures and First aid.
I believe in excellent customer service, treating others how you would want to be treated and of course always with a smile.
On my days off you’ll most probably find me at my local Crossfit gym lifting weights or enduring a wolf run or tough mudder. After all that    spending time relaxing with my family and cheering our son on at the sidelines of a Rugby or Football pitch.