Countryside Leader Training

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The Countryside Leader Award (CLA) is for adults who wish to lead walks and camping expeditions in non-remote, lowland countryside. This corresponds with the recommended DofE bronze and silver expedition terrain.

The award is designed for people who already have considerable experience working with young people.

To attend this course you must Register with the CLA here: Register

The minimum age for registration is 18.

Assessment and Certification

At the end of your training course your tutor will give you a consolidation plan, which will outline areas on which to focus and the experience you need to gain before assessment.

The usual requirement is for candidates to assist with three lightweight camping expeditions, where assisting means active involvement in planning, training, supervision, and decision-making. If the Training Course Director feels a candidate is exceptionally strong they may reduce this to two or even one expedition.

For candidates with only the minimum prerequisites further experience may be required, along with other specific recommendations.

The consolidation plan gives minimum requirements. We strongly advise that you exceed them and continue to gain experience until you feel prepared for assessment. There is no time limit on the consolidation period, although there may be practical constraints due to availability of assessment dates, and this should be discussed with your Course Director.

Who Should Attend

  • Be a Qualified Teacher or
  • Be a Qualified Youth Worker or
  • Have at least 10 days and 5 nights experience of leading, or assisting with the leadership of, walking and camping groups
  • Personal experience of five nights camping and five days walking in the countryside, navigating on clear paths

A current First Aid certificate is required for this award to be valid. The First Aid course must be:

  • Assessed and certificated
  • Minimum of 16 hours of instruction
  • Specifically relevant to outdoor leadership

The same course is required for MLTUK qualifications such as the Single Pitch and Mountain Leader Awards.
You must bring a valid First Aid certificate with you to your assessment.