Snowsports Course Organiser Award

For most local authorities and independent schools it is a requirement that the organiser of a school ski visit holds the Snowsports Course Organiser’s Award of Snowsport England.

This is a 6 hour theory course covering the following:

Aims and educational potential of a ski course Value of residential education
Skiing as a personal challenge

Planning and selecting a ski course

Pre-visit preparation and post course debriefing
Planning, permission, staffing, booking and selling the course, passports, insurance, currency, medical matters, fitness training, value of dry slope tuition, evaluation of total cost.
Selecting: time of year, tour operator, country, resort, accommodation, travel

Running a ski course

Travel. First day. Fire precautions. Monitoring ski classes. Illness and injuries. Ski tests. Evening activities. Responsibilities and discipline.

Ski clothing and equipment

Skis, sticks and boots: what to look for. Clothing: hire, buy, improvise. Outer clothing, Inner clothing,
Ancillary items. Leader’s kit.

Ski safety

Mountain hazards: cold, wind, precipitation, visibility, sun, altitude, rapid change. Ski Way Code.
Accident avoidance. Accident procedure. Group control. Hazards of ‘free skiing’