We are super excited to announce our training offering has expanded. We have gone digital.

Our customers will tell you our courses are fun and dynamic training, that is why our e-learning modules are trainer led with fun and interactive games to keep you engaged. 

Food Safety, Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness, Safeguarding, Health & Safety and much more. Starting at £15, a cost effective way to train your brain.




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Compliance Training



Your ability to educate employees on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their daily job responsibilities is vital.

An effective compliance training program does more than just reduce regulatory and legal risk. It also helps foster a positive culture built on accountability, integrity, and respectful interaction.

Video training can be an especially effective way to cover delicate and important compliance issues, including emergency procedures, fire safety, and more. And not only does video provide an ideal medium for these topics, the technology can also help you ensure your employees are actually completing these essential courses. Video analytics included in many modern video platforms offer user-level detail, allowing your team to know whether an employee has viewed a video, and if they’ve watched it through to the end.





Reduce training time - train online

Cut down the time that you and your staff are out of office, training online frees you from the costs and disruption to your business of gathering everyone in a single place to learn.

Online training is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; and your progress is automatically saved. Staff can train from any location or even when commuting.  You can train on the train!








A learning management system offers a centralised source of learning. This means that the training, performance, and development content are offered at all times from the same source. Multiple users can access the information at any given time. These systems ensure consistency in the evaluation and delivery of the material, meaning every user sees the same content through the same manner. Training modules can be used to introduce new equipment, update equipment, or modify operating procedures.








Measurable results

Enhance performance through tracking and reporting tools. Progress of staff can be tracked, records can be reviewed, and users can register for more than one course. 








Reach all of your staff 

With very few restrictions you can be confident that your staff can receive the same content regardless of their location, and in many cases, their nationality.  Therefore if you wish to provide the same training or have your staff understand and use common methodology, eLearning is a useful way of ensuring this happens with ease and reduced cost. 





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