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We are regularly contacted by both Candidates and Clients who have been recommended to us by previous customers. Apart from being great for business this is also a strong endorsement that we are providing a valued and trusted service.

To say thanks for these recommendations we have established a referral scheme to reward you for promoting our training. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make so there is a real opportunity to gain some extra cash with minimum effort.

How does it work

Register with us using the form below. We will issue you a unique code. This must be quoted when booking but your friend / colleague for us to match this to you. 

You could earn up to £160 per referral, this is based on your 10% commission of the paid price.

You recommend a friend or colleague not previously one of our amazing customers. You will only receive your payment once the course(s) have been booked and paid for.

Referral Registration

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